The HHD Rear Hand Brake Fitting For Honda Grom


TEAR-DROP RED fitting only

Product Details


Watch out little 50cc’s something NEW from Honda with a bit more punch
unfortunately it also comes with a $2,999.00 price tag but your you big
ballers or college students looking to get around campus quick this might
be your ticklet! WE have a quick and easy solution to adding a handbrake
so if you recently scooped up one of these Grom’s and need to keep some
money in your pocket but have that instinctive desire to knock out some
highchairs for the ladies  :p well we got your back! Brake that is
•        Easy installation (no drilling or tapping)
•        Simple design (press fit through plug)
•        Creates a dual brake system (links rear hand and foot operations)
•        Allows the use of a rear handbrake and a foot brake with one caliper
•        Special needs applicable
•        Converts inlet spigot into threaded port
•        Billet aluminum
•        Check bike for correct fitment application
•        Professional stunt riders recommend Magura 13mm radial master
•        Kit includes: Junction valve Only

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