Posted on July 02 2017


TY600 is back at it again with the insanely good edit of the “You’re Not Invited Sesh” of 2017, hosted in Charolette, North Carolina. The list of riders in this edit is way to long to list so do your own research, but whatever you do, make sure you watch it. From what we heard, the weather was a mess this weekend. Sounds like it might of even snowed. But it


didn’t stop these guys from doing what they do. Some of the sh$@# these guys are doing is insane. The video is a perfect mix of normal speed, slo-mo, and sped up footage that keeps your eyes glued the whole time. This is the perfect showcase of what StuntRide is all about. 



These guys stuck out the cold weather and rode like it was sunny and 90 degrees out. True patriots to the sport. We’re not sure what our favorite part is, the stalls, the steppes, the drifts, the circles, etc. Every second of this thing has something great in it. Not to mention the quality of the video and cinematography is top notch but we’ve come to expect that from TY600. Make sure and check the StuntrideForum to keep up with dates and events.  As always , here at, we love to see action sports and everything associated with the industry. Don’t hesitate to ever send us feedback or submit content to us. Thanks StuntRide team!


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