Posted on July 02 2017


Check out this nasty edit by Mr. Moto Photo! This dude is dropping nasty edit after nasty edit. He must be on permanent hiatus from whatever his day job is because this guy is all over the country dropping these edits. These TSR rides are becoming legendary as riders from all over the world are making the trip to Tijuana to witness all the chaos.


We noticed some of our favorite riders in there, SmashStunts, CbearStunts, Capone, and many more! One of the things we love about Mr. Moto Photo's videos is his use of personality footage. We love seeing the riding footage, but also really enjoy the stuff behind the scenes. And the quality of the videos are insane! The music is fast and so is the footage, clip to clip, we love seeing the stunts all over the place.



Unfortunately there's a few wrecks mixed in on this trip, but we guess that's inevitable when there's that many people in the streets trying to earn that street cred! One rider is so hurt, he makes great use of a ramp and uses it to walk up into the front seat of his truck. Gotta love the ingenuity of these guys. We're assuming we see the results of another wreck later on in the video when we see a collage of SnapChat videos and one fellow in particular is missing some skin. Nothing is worse than road rash when you're on vacation. And would not want to wreck a bike in Tijuana as we've heard some stories of the fuzz not playing by the rules down there. So if you can, keep an eye for the next date as we hear there are two rides per year. Sounds like the next one is in August some time. Make sure and check the StuntrideForum to keep up with dates and events. 


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