Posted on July 02 2017


Check out this video from Jorian Ponomareff! There’s no video out there that describes the passion and dedication of what it takes to truly dedicate yourself to the sport. The video starts off with footage from 2008 in what looks like one of his first competitions. Then we see a collage of footage throughout the years. To see where his drive started and at such a young age is awesome! Many riders pick up the sport later on in life, but here we can see Jorian had a thirst at an early age for riding wheelies. Old vintage clips of him riding his bike and other antics as a small child really sets the stage for what we see today of him. He takes us on a journey over the years and even some behind the scene footage of some of is most popular clips. 



We also learn that while he loved to compete and entertain the crowds, his true passion is for film making and providing entertaining clips to his fans. His progression over the years is also captured here. Starting out on dirt bikes like most of us have, he finally made the jump to a 900rr which he says himself was to big for him, then jumping to a F4i. After the F4i, he switches to a 05-06 Zx6r and from there the rest is history. Jorian has a unique way of providing very entertaining videos and connecting with the viewer, all while doing it with a sense of humbleness. So take a few minutes, well 11 minutes to be exact and watch all the effort Jorian has put into his craft over the last decade and you won’t regret it! Make sure and check the StuntrideForum to keep up with dates and events. As always , here at, we love to see action sports and everything associated with the industry. Don’t hesitate to ever send us feedback or submit content to us. Thanks StuntRide team!



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