Posted on July 02 2017


Alright, get ready for this clip. So in the days of everyone riding 600s, this guy is tearing crap up on his 1000cc Honda CBR Fireblade. We’ve been watching clips from Joona for years, and he’s one of our favorite riders, but he took it to another level with this clip. In the description of his video, he says “he hopes it gives everyone so motivation to twist the throttle even harder! Rock and Ride”. Well we you definitely just motivated us here at


StuntRide Joona! Seeing him throw this 1000cc around like it’s a 250cc is the best eye candy we’ve seen yet this month! Even the music in this edit gets it right, “Fire Inside Me”. Joona rides with an intense passion for what he’s doing. From enormous circles, to backing it in with no hands, he’s pulling out all the tricks in this video.



The area he’s often rides in makes it feel like he works there, because he has no fear of the huge trailers located on the side. We get to see him in a new environment in the edit too. While a buddy of his sits in a chair most likely taking a break, Joona goes on a 10 minute rip session. So again, thanks for the rip session Joona, you’ll probably motivate more than you know around these parts! Can’t wait for more videos so keep them coming! Make sure and check the StuntrideForum to keep up with dates and events. As always , here at, we love to see action sports and everything associated with the industry. Don’t hesitate to ever send us feedback or submit content to us. Thanks StuntRide team!


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