Posted on July 02 2017


The "Infidels" by Rated Red, follows a young group of military veterans as they do their best to readjust to the realities of civilian life. Shot in stunning hi-def quality and professional color grading and cinematography, the short documentary is the perfect showcase of how stunt riding can heal the soul. The premise is that in the military, as you are shipped off to another country, one of the things that help a soldier survive is the brotherhood you find among other soldiers. Creating that brotherhood is essential to survival as you'll hear. Not only can it be a life or death saving culture, it keeps your mind in the right place when your environment is telling it not to be.



They bring up an interesting point in the doc too, they ask the ever important question of "what would we be doing if we didn't start stunt riding?" I think we've all asked ourselves that question. "Eddie says "I'd be in jail", and Daysen has the best response, "I'd be a nerd with two friends playing video games all day and night". Shot in Arizona against a stunning backdrop of mountains and deserts, the cast shares some deeply emotional stories from the experiences in the military and how the adjustment coming home was such a challenge. Starting off with straight on head shots of each rider with their helmets on, the doc sets the stage for some deep soul searching right off the bat.



Each rider throughout the doc spends time on camera describing some of their experiences in the military and how it translated to stunt riding. One of them that stands out is from Kevin Brannon (SickRiders) who served a few tours in the Army over in Afghanistan. The heart wrenching story is about his best friend who unfortunately lost his life while over seas fighting terrorism. Kevin took the news hard and honors his friend to this day with a tattoo and wrist bracelet that apparently never comes off. His mom sends it home the best when she says "bikes probably even saved his life because he might have went back as a contractor". I think we know where Kevin got his need for speed though, turns out Kevin's dad flew B52 Bombers for the Airforce.



Talk about an adrenaline junky. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. We at StuntRide know Kevin personally and have shared many great times with him, we loved seeing this side of him in the doc. We can't forget about Hawaiian Eddie who was also great in the film. Eddie has been in the scene for a long time and is out there getting crazy on a Harley these days, but hearing him talk about his adjustment back into civilian life was a great testament to his commitment to the brotherhood and industry. We all looks for ways to pass the time, to release adrenaline we store up, or to connect with people we share the same passions with. It's awesome to see the sport still serving up great content that will reach people from all walks of life. The industry is full of strong charactered guys like him and that's what makes us proud to be a part and share his story.


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