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Win a Custom Sportbike Vinyl Wrap

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

stuntride sportbike vinyl wrap contest flyer

What’s Up EVERYONE?!? Happy New Year! As we are welcoming in 2013 we decided to do our largest giveaway ever. On the list are two sets of every prize listed on our flyer. Including two Custom Designed 3M Vinyl wraps for sportbikes from us and Wright Wraps and a ton of gear from the Stuntride Store.

To be entered, you have to do a couple of things:
1- Be a member of our forums -or- Like Stuntride AND Wright Wraps on Facebook.

2- Subscribe to Stuntride Magazine.

3- Take a picture of yourself holding Issue 11 AND a piece of paper with your first name, last initial and the city you live in (so we can verify your subscription more easily). You then will have to post the pic here – – on our Forums, or on our Facebook wall.

- Yes you can post pictures on both to double your chances. One person can win 2 prizes UNLESS it is both wraps, in the case of a person winning both wraps, we will give that person a level two prize and re-draw.
- This contest is open to new and old subscribers. New subscribers must order by March 1st and post pic by March 15th to be entered. Old subscribers, if you don’t have Issue 11, please notify us immediately by emailing us at
- If you post a pic and you are NOT a subscriber, you are not eligible and will be disqualified.
- Wrap Details. You are entitled to the custom design, printing and shipping of 65 Square Feet of 3m Vinyl Wrap. JJ from Wright Wraps will work directly with you on the design, we will print and ship. YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INSTALLATION.
- On March 1st we take the last subscriptions that will qualify, on March 15th we take the last picture entries. After March 15th we will put all names that entered via each method into 2 hats and then we will draw. Once the winners are confirmed as Subscribers. Then we will announce them.
- We don’t have 1000 lawyers, so if we have made a mistake in any of this info, we reserve the right to change it. It’s pretty damn simple, Subscribe, post a pic, cross your fingers!