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Welcome to Stuntride
Welcome to We have your all access pass to the fastest growing action sport in the world, Sportbike Freestyle, aka Motorcycle Stuntriding. Staying true to this lifestyle that we love, has many outlets for you to explore, we hope that you enjoy your stay here.

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Latest News
New Stuntride Rasta color Hoodies

Check out the new Rasta Hoodies on our store!


Free Mike Vik

Free Mike Vik! The LA popo got the homie!

Here is the video:

Nasty Lot Bumz 2012 Session Video

Check out the action from the guys in Texas!

Nasty Lot Bumz End Of The Year Stunt Session from James Redden on Vimeo.

Get 25% off at our Store! “SANTA STUNTS”

Who knew Santa could ride wheelies???

Use the code “SANTASTUNTS” at our store and get 25% from now till December 13th!

Santa Stunts 25% off at

While you’re there, check out some of our newest designs!

NLB Mega Session 2012 Video

NLB Mega Sesh 2012 DVD Trailer from Stuntride Dotcom on Vimeo.

Issue 11 has arrived!

We just got our shipment of Issue 11 of stuntride magazine. This means that the wait is over and you guys will be getting yours soon also.

With the arrival of the newest issue, we are going to announce a fun and easy to enter contest next week along with our Cyber Monday sale. There will be 2 winners, one from our facebook page and one from our forums. So if you are not a fan of Stuntride on Facebook and you are not on our forums, then you better pick one (or both) and hit us up!!!



Stuntride Keychains are BACK!

A new order of keychains has arrived – get yours now!
stuntride keychain

3rd Annual Stuntride Pumpkin Carving Contest!

2012 Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Our 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving contest has begun! Email us your pumpkin pics before halloween and we will upload them all to our facebook page. The pic with the most likes by Nov 20th is the winner! The only rule is that when you take a pic of the pumpkin you must write your name on something with the year 2012 and have that in the pic. This way we know that you are submitting an original. You can use just your first name, your stuntride forum name, hell, you could put your entire website or facebook url, we don’t care as long as it identifies you.

We have some awesome prizes this year: An Eton RUKUS, which is an awesome solar powered bluetooth music player. A custom Halloween clutch lever from RSC. A tail saver from Zeus Armor. Some T-Shirts from Self Killers. A custom stunt gas tank fabrication from Graveyard Fab. and prize packs from Guru Stunts, XDL and Stuntride!

Visit this thread on our forums to discuss –
Like us on facebook –

Jesse Toler now holds 2 Guiness World Records for motorcycle stoppies

Speed AND Distance! A big congratulations goes out to Jesse Toler for making it official!

Those of you who may be on the stuntride forums or have seen previous videos on here may well know that Jesse Toler has unofficially gone over 1000 feet multiple times. Well now its official, take a minute and watch this trailer to the upcoming documentary that tells the full story.

B-Town showdown 2012 video

Our buddy James Redden made a pretty sick video from the B-Town Showdown 2012. Tell James how much you love his video skills here –

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