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3rd Annual Stuntride Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Friday, October 12th, 2012

2012 Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Our 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving contest has begun! Email us your pumpkin pics before halloween and we will upload them all to our facebook page. The pic with the most likes by Nov 20th is the winner! The only rule is that when you take a pic of the pumpkin you must write your name on something with the year 2012 and have that in the pic. This way we know that you are submitting an original. You can use just your first name, your stuntride forum name, hell, you could put your entire website or facebook url, we don’t care as long as it identifies you.

We have some awesome prizes this year: An Eton RUKUS, which is an awesome solar powered bluetooth music player. A custom Halloween clutch lever from RSC. A tail saver from Zeus Armor. Some T-Shirts from Self Killers. A custom stunt gas tank fabrication from Graveyard Fab. and prize packs from Guru Stunts, XDL and Stuntride!

Visit this thread on our forums to discuss –
Like us on facebook –

Stuntride Magazine is Back

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

We have sent emails to all subscribers, made a post about this on here, posted on facebook, posted on our forums. Yet a few still seem to have questions. So here it is. Stuntride Magazine and other Stuntride related business was halted over 18 months ago due to a trademark dispute over the name “Stuntride”. We eventually won that dispute and now have our own United States trademark number.

Now that we are back in the game, we have launched our store and revealed the cover of Issue 11 of Stuntride Magazine. It is at the printers now and will be shipping soon. To boost awareness, we posted a deal on Facebook (the same place where we have answered all questions about the mag) and a few questions arose.

Here are some of the actual questions and answers; We will add new Q’s and A’s as we get them. Post them on our facebook page!

Q – I subscribed and only got 1 (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 issues)?
A – Subscriptions are for 6 issues, they are not time based (per year), so whatever you didn’t get, you will get.

Q – Can I claim the shirt deal and use it towards my subscription?
A – Yes, if you claimed the deal, we would automatically extend your subscription for 6 more issues.

Q – I dont know how many issues I am owed, my subscription may be up, should I resubscribe?
A – No, not yet, every subscriber who recieved #10 will get #11 and then we will notify subscribers via email about their status.

Q – Ohh shit, I forgot, I moved, how can I change my address?
A – How did you forget you moved? email us

Q – Do I sense a condesending tone in your postings? if so I really don’t like your attitude.
A – Your sense is impeccable, we are bikers, fuck you, you’re getting your shit, so stop whining!

Q – Skarey Jerry When is the new stuntride mag coming out???? 2013? is it cause the 2013 636???? are you teaming with kawasaki now?
A – yeah 2013, hold your breath till then. No its because of the end of the earth, we are team Mayan

Q – Ryan Suchanek Wanna move to Wisconsin?
A – Yeah so we can practice Ice Stunting, that way we can be in winter X-Games? GTFO dummy!

Q – Steve Wierengo What Happened to the Magazine?
A – It got stuck up your moms ass until she decided to change her panties… 18 months later!

Q – Saturnin Floyd hey whats up with the SR magazine Thomas.. ahahahahahahahahahahahah
A – ahhahahahahahahaha SHUT UP

Q – Stephen Welch Can u buy stuntlife and merge it with stuntride?
A – They would have to pay us

Q – Rob Infinger Is there going to be a scooter enthusiasts section in the next magazine?
A – Your mom rides a scooter!

Q – James Redden If you are going 40 mph how long will it take you to go 40 miles!?
A – Depends on which stuntride subscriber you ask?

Q – Skarey Jerry Harrington when are you going to stunt again thomas?
A – When your mom comes back to visit, maybe 2013?

Q – Billy Shelton Why is a carrot more orange than an orange!
A – We aint a fucking botanical magazine!

Q – Stephen Welch Why he mad?did the raiders suck again?
A – Too bad they don’t suck as bad as your little sister did

Q – Stephen Welch Will a stock busa really go 200mpg or is that squid malarchy?
A – Only on craigslist or at random gas stations where the only bike around is a stuntbike in the bed of a truck.

Q – Saturnin Floyd why u hatin girl?
A – We just imagined that in your best Ru Paul voice

Q – Jacob Lankford Where has Joe brown been?
A – He took all the stuntride magazines and moved to Alaska

Q – Stephen Welch Why jesus hasn’t came yet, multiple homeless people said he was.
A – His notification to come will be sent to him with his subscription to SR mag.

Our New Online Store is Live!

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Stuntride Store

Get at us on Facebook!

Friday, July 13th, 2012

We’ve been through a long 18 month trademark dispute that put a pause on virtually all Stuntride business except the website.. (magazine, shirts and other merch..) If you keep up with on facebook, you may have noticed that we recently won our trademark fight.. and you also may have noticed that we never had the facebook vanity name /stuntride.

The name was squatted on by a young man and it has been very successful, without being active. Undoubtbly because of the brand we have built for years. Well now the last piece of our puzzle is complete. We finally recieved email confirmation from facebook today. They have taken the name from the squatter and released it to us.

So please, keep up with the REAL stuntride (TM.) LOL

Revzilla Road Rash 4 Cash Contest

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Adam and the crew over at contacted us and said that they wanted to do a giveaway for our forum members here on Stuntride. When we asked what kind of giveaway, they said “We dont care, make it fun!” So we took to the forums and asked what you guys wanted, the resounding pick was “Posting pics of injuries.” So with that being said, we present to you, the “Revzilla Road Rash 4 Cash Contest!” road rash 4 cash contest

So here is how its gonna go: post your injury pics in this thread on our forum –

On May 1st we will compile pics and start a poll, then all forum members can vote. on May 15th at noon PST voting ends. Prizes are as follows, 1st $100 GC to Revzilla, 2nd $50 GC to Revzilla, 3rd $25 GC to Revzilla.

If you are unfamiliar with, they are one of the coolest sites in the United States that sells motorcycle gear such as Motorcycle JacketsBell Motorcycle Helmets, and ICON Motorcycle Helmets

Win a blown up poster of yourself Stuntin on our Facebook

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Now that we have our Roland VS-420 printer dialed in to do stickers, wraps, banners etc. We wanted to get you guys involved in some giveaways with it and do something really cool.

stuntride poster giveaway

We have taken a few stunt pics that we had in our archives and blown them up and printed them out, some at over 4 feet tall! They came out really good, so we figure that you guys just might want pics of yourselves blown up to put on your walls. So with this contest, we ask that you submit us A pic (MUST BE OVER 6MB!!!) if you send us some janky fisher price “my first polaroid” grainy pic, we are gonna loud you out!! These pics have to be large and high quality to be accepted, raw pics, no graphics!! Submit the picture to Submissions close at the end of March, so there is no excuse!! ALSO IN THE EMAIL WITH THE PIC, INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE!

In April we will post all of the pics submitted (even the janky ones, in a special “fail” album”) then tag each of you in your pics. on May 1st at noon PST, the 3 pics that have the most “likes” will win a print!

Ok here are the requirements one more time!

A – Get ONE nice pic of yourself, at least 6 mb JUST FYI YOU CAN NOT SEND A PIC OFF THE INTERNET!! 6mb = 6000kb so if you send us a picture that is 125kb, its a little small (thats what she said!)

B – Email that one pic with a complete text link to your facebook page to (1 pic per person)

C – Like Stuntride on Facebook!

D – In April when the pic gets posted on our FB page, promote the shit out of it and tell all of your friends to “LIKE” your pic.

F – (just making sure you’re still reading) On May 1st at noon PST, voting closes, the 3 pics with the most likes win!

X – on May 5th you have to post pictures of you drinking tequila on our FB page wall. Whoever posts the most tequila shot pics will win the greatest hangover they have ever had!!

ok guys, start sending those pics!!

XDL 2012 Event Schedule news

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

We have gotten some news on the 2012 XDL Event Schedule. Even though info has been very hard to get and harder to confirm, a tweet by the XDL Staff today has lead us to believe that something we heard about a month ago may be true.

XDL posts "revealing" info about 2012 schedule on twitter

It says “Our 2012 schedule is almost confirmed, but just fyi all event dates will be in June, July, August. RT and pass it on, thanks!” via @XDLShow

Back in January a little bird (not twitter) told us that the XDL schedule was being compacted into the late summer to accomodate a reality show filming schedule. And that the Monterey and Indianapolis Moto GP events would go on as usual. Obviously it is too late in the year for Daytona Bike Week and it would be too hot to go back to Scottsdale AZ during those months, so we can assume those events are out. We also know that the SuperSpeedway in Nashville was closed, so this seems to eliminate the usual May Nashville stop.

So with those things up in the air, we wonder if XDL may be going to some more northerly lattitudes and will XDL return to its home in LA? Well the economy has also forced the closure of the Irwindale Speedway, but The Queen Mary in Long Beach has undergone another ownership change and we are told that its parking lots are looking nice and fresh nowadays.

Make your assumptions folks, we have ours. As always check back for the latest info on the 2012 XDL Schedule here at or on our Facebook and Twitter.

Adrenaline crew game for iphone and android phones

Friday, October 7th, 2011

The guys at adrenaline crew have stepped up and produced a streetbike stunt game for iphone and android applications, heres the info. Check out our facebook page where we will be giving away a couple of free download codes for iphone users

Adrenaline Crew is known for their over the top drunken antics and over all sport bike demolition. Their DVD series is well known world wide but after the DVD industry lost its footing due to the economy and illegal bootlegging they had to make a quick change to capture the next “big thing”. Aside from there 2012 Helmet and glove line under the AC brand Kenny and the Crew decided to try their hand at the mobile app phenomenon that is sweeping the nation, no, make that the world. Kenny took the year off from touring with the Crew to learn how to program and develop a game for iPhone and Android devices. “It took almost a full year, but we finally have a product that we can ship you” he says, “Many updates, new moves to come though, its not like a DVD that when you ship it off to the presses your done, with apps you can continually mold your game to fit what your fans and friends want, it is truly awseome!”.

adrenaline crew android game screen shot

The object of the game is similar to that of the epic Road Rash series in that you race and can fight other riders for position. Where this takes it to the next level is when you hit people off, you can do stunts. Not just a wheelie or hand jester, we are talking full on highchair wheelies and endos, flamingos and even spreaders. As you play you can unlock more characters and as Kenny tells us, there will be a lot of familiar faces popping up, not just the Adrenaline Crew riders, as well weapons and cutting edge software that will let you use your own image to play as yourself!

With the AC boys always in the front of “whats hot” be sure to not only support their effort but be prepared for the future of gaming!


Stuntride x CycleGear twitter contest

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

We have reached 1000 followers on our TWITTER PAGE and as promised, we are now giving away a $100 gift certificate to Cycle Gear to one luck winner!

Here are the Official Rules:
1- you must be following @stuntride and @cyclegear on twitter
2- you must visit your local cycle gear and take a picture with the “managers special” board that is in the front of every store.
3- you must post that picture on twitter with this phrase “I want to win a $100 Gift Certificate to @cyclegear from @stuntride”
4- you can repost once daily to earn extra entries for each day.
5- the contest ends on August 31st at 2 pm PST.

here is an example pic from @DSOGThomas Good Luck!!
stuntride cycle gear twitter contest

Would you ride from San Francisco to Pakistan on a Honda F4i?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Well our friend Moin has chosen to do so and he is documenting his journey on his website Moin is a member on our stuntride forums, you can check for his updates on this thread On July 11th we met Moin up at the Cycle Gear in Pacheco CA. to help him out in getting some much needed gear. As always, our #1 friend, Avissa, over there was more than happy to help out and recommend some great items to help Moin on his long Journey!

You can help Moin by donating on his site here. for every $5 you donate to him, we will give you 1 entry towards winning a $100 prize pace from Stuntride and XDL. Moin will be letting us know who donated, so send him a message and let him know you are from stuntride!

Moin with DSOG Thomas from Stuntride
moin leaving cycle gear